Our White Label option provides you with a way to use the VeewMe platform as your own. All references to VeewMe are removed allowing you to market it as your own solution. Unlike on some other platforms we don't charge exorbitant fees to use this feature, just a slightly higher tour activation fee. You will also find that the devil is in the details. Not only did we do a great job hiding our branding but we also went into smaller details to make it yours, like adding your Favicon to the tour url :)

To activate the White Label option go to your Affiliate Dashboard and your account setting top right of the page, click on the down arrow. Click on the White Label tab and follow the instructions. If you've configured sub-domain on your Domain Provider's site then the process is completed within minutes. Note! Sometimes it can take time for the change to propagate, up to 48 hrs.


  1. Go to your Account > White Label

  2. Enter the custom sub-domain you want to use. Let’s use ‘tour.exampledomain.com’ as an example: 

3. Click Enable White Label


  1. Go to your DNS provider’s website.

  2. Open Domain records/ Zone File

  3. Click Add Record     

                 Set TYPE = CNAME
                 Set HOSTNAME = your subdomain
                 Set TARGET/ POINTS = veewme.com

4. Click Add Record 


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