You can create as many photographer accounts as needed.

When you create a photographer account the photographer will receive a Welcome email. This email will have a direct link to the Photographer Dashboard with assigned user ID and password. You can add a photographer headshot/profile picture which will be displayed on the appointment email confirmations sent to clients. Including a photographer photo is a great way to break the ice and make the agent feel more comfortable, especially with clients which are meeting a photographer for the first time.

Photographers only see orders assigned to them.

The following options can be set for photographers:

Can activate tours - You can allow a photographer to active his orders on your behalf.

Can Schedule - You can allow a photographer to schedule his own appointments

Can Mark Services as Done - If you want to track payments due to a photographer this will allow the photographer to mark a service as being completed/eligible for compensation.

Is Processor - This switch will turn the account into a “processor” account give a processor access to all your orders.  A processor is a third party who processes photos and/or other media for you. 

If you want to make your services assignable to photographers you have to designate such a service Assignable under Services in a service. If you want to track photographer pay you should also enter the compensation amount in the Default photographer compensation field.

Assign/Schedule Shoot

In the Orders tab on your dashboard you can assign a photographer and schedule an appointment. Select the desired order and click the Actions Menu then select the Assign/Schedule Shoot option. 

This will take you into the Order Details/Scheduling popup.

Select which service to assign to a photographer. You can assign all services on an order to one photographer or each to a different photographer. If you employ a separate person for drone photography then you can assign the primary photography to one and the drone photography to an other, etc.

Click the “Assign” button to select a photographer for the service, then select the date from the calendar and a time from the pull-down selection. If all services are assigned to the same photographer instead of entering each separately you can just click the “Assign All” button. If you maker a mistake you can click “Unassign” to reset all the selections. Don’t forget to Save your selections.

Save return to the primary popup and you’ll notice a date and time have now been logged, together with the photographer name. A Google calendar export icon is now also available allowing you to send the appointment to a Google calendar. Further, a Mark as done link has also been created. Clicking this will designate the service as completed for Photographer Pay reporting. Should you click this by accident you can undo the action.

Public Note - Anything written here will be visible to everyone including the agent.

Private Note - Anything entered here will only be visible to the affiliate and the photographer.

At the bottom of the screen are two check boxes, selecting one or both will notify either the client or the photographer or both. Note, any changes made to photographer, date or time will trigger the check boxes to notify. When done click the Close & send notifications button to send the emails.

The email to the Photographer contains the appointment date and time (including a link for the photographer to send the appointment to their Google Calendar), order details as entered in services, property address, as well as property details such as if the property is occupied, lock-box, and Sq Ft if entered. Finally Agent name and pertinent contact information as well as notes if entered.

The email to the Agent contains the property address, order details and appointment date/time for for verification purposes. As well as Agent contact information and a link for the agent to send the appointment to their Google Calendar.

If you added a photographer photo this will also be displayed.

Finally your appointment info such as the name of the photographer, appointment date and time will be displayed on the order page, clicking this area will take you straight back to the schedule popup. 

If a red exclamation point is displayed next to the time this means that there is a note attached to the appointment.

Photographer pay reports can be generated from your account menu and the Data Export option > Oder History.

To make it easier to quickly glance at assigned orders there is a Jobs Report available from the top of the dashboard. This can display assigned jobs for today, tomorrow and yesterday. 

Photographers have this same report available to them, showing only their jobs. Printing one of these for the day is a handy backup for the road.

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