Media can be added in infinite combinations because of our unique Media Management functionality. Add multiple videos in any combination. You can have an uploaded video (hosted by us), a Vimeo or Youtube embedded video and a Generated video all in one tour. You can further top it off with an interactive floor plan, a Matterport 3D Walkthrough and virtual staging embed codes for a one of a kind engaging property site/tour. No other platform allows this kind of elaborate media flexibility. See this sample tour!


You can upload any number of (JPG, max 25MB/photo, sRGB color profile) photos to a tour. Minimum upload size should be at least 1680 pixels in width. Anything less may result in a blurry or pixelated photo and produce warning messages during upload. The platform accepts horizontal and vertical photos, however, our Overview sections were designed for horizontal photos therefore vertical photos will not look appealing there. 

Each photo is represented by a green block in the drag & drop upload panel. 

As soon as files are dropped in the upload sequence is initiated and thumbnails will start to appear. Thumbnails are processed first and following their appearance photos are processed in the background.

If you number your files in the order you wish them to appear on the tour your photos should not need further management.

When the upload has been completed you can save and exit Media Management and processing will continue in the background. A processing indicator is displayed on the bottom of the thumbnail. When present this indicates that processing is still ongoing. When completed this icon will disappear. This will be helpful with volume processing. I.e if you are waiting for many jobs to finish processing you’ll see the processing is ongoing without having to re-enter Media Management.

The platform processes the uploaded photos and stores them in multiple sizes for the most efficient display and quality, depending on the device used to view them. Images are stored for client retrieval in two sizes. Print Size = the full uploaded size, Web Size = 1680 x 1050. Client can download photos by following the links from their photo and/or tour completion emails as well as from their Media Access panel in the VeewMe Client Dashboard. Note! In most cases there is no need to shoot and upload photos in your camera's highest image size. This will only result in long upload and download times for you and your clients. Best setting is Medium / Standard and Fine Quality setting. Information about photo sizes, resolutions, dpi, etc. Here

Managing Photos

1 - Hide Photos. Agent and affiliate can now hide photos from the tour, brochure and Faux Video. Select the eye icon and the thumbnail will turn B&W.

2 - Select Photo. Check off the thumbnail and it will turn blueish.

3 - Selected photos can now be dragged and repositioned in multiples.

4 - Selected photos can be deleted in multiples and/or all.

5 - Clicking the looking glass icon will open the Photo Gallery and allow you to browse back and forth. Exiting will place you at the last viewed photo thumbnail.

We've made an effort to make sure all this cool functionality also works well on mobile. On a mobile device you'll need to click the thumb to select it and then click the desired function icon.

Agents do not have an ability to delete photos. They can now only "hide" photos by clicking the "eye" icon on the photo thumbnail.

Arranging Photos
Arrange the photos in a preferred order, typically agents prefer them in a logical order as one would walk through the home. Arranging the photos is done by dragging the thumbnails around the popup window and placing them in the desired order. Finally choose the ones you wish to present in the Overview tab on the tour. Choose a minimum of 8 or up to 25 photos. 

You can also set a default quantity other than 8 at the broker level and still override at the tour level. Click on the star top right of the thumbnail to mark the preferred photos. 

NOTE: Only eight photos will also appear on the PDF Property Brochure. We recommend that you pick the most attractive or the most interesting areas to show with the eight photos or any other Overview quantity you choose. NOTE: The photos displayed in the Overview section are considerably cropped top and bottom. When you photograph the outside of the home you may want to shoot with the Overview crop in mind to have front and rear outside photos where the home is not cut off. The cropping is necessary to display more of the page and property information in the web browser. 

You can also enter a brief caption for each photo by clicking inside the "Type caption here" section on the thumbnail.

You can also hide photos from view. Instead of deleting the photo you click the "eye" icon on the thumbnail and it will change to b&w, indicating it has been marked to not display in the property site/tour. Agents also have this capability. They can't delete photos but they can hide them.

Overview Tab - Photos
Photos first presented on the tour are shown in the Overview. The Overview has been designed to give the potential buyer a quick way to glance through the home and decide if the listing warrants a more in-depth look. You or your client can decide which photos are displayed in the Overview. 

Responsive Overview - Photos

If you encounter a problem with the aspect ratio or cropping of photos in the Overview you can switch to Responsive Overview, where photos will be displayed un-cropped. The switch to invoke this view is located under the Clients > Brokerage > Edit > Tour Preferences tab. Setting it at the brokerage level will allow this setting to be applied to all agents under that brokerage. If for one reason or another an agent prefers the original Overview, the setting can be changed at the agent level.

Slideshow Overview - Photos

If the Overview is too static for your client there is also an option to "Jazz" it up a bit. Check off the Slideshow on Tour Overview option in Media Management > Photos. 

The effect is quite stunning with great photos, the right music and Headline. Music is set to on as a default but can be muted as the tour default. See a sample here.


There are four ways to add video to a tour.

Embed Code: Upload and store your video on a platform like YouTube, Vimeo, etc. copy the provided "embed code" and insert it here.

Video URL: Store the video on an external server and enter its url here. (Note! This is not a Youtube web address) Enter the location of the actual video file.

Upload Video: Upload the video to our platform and our system will transcode the video into multiple resolutions best suited for each device used to view a tour. One system for uploading, transcoding and hosting!  There is a surcharge for this option of $4 per tour which is collected at each tour activation. Maximum file size for uploading 600MB. File format mp4.

You can add multiple videos . Adding one video will change the navigation button to whatever you name the embed code label. Leaving the label blank will default the navigation tab to Video. Adding multiple videos  will also revert the navigation button to Video. Each submenu item can have their own label name (Walkthrough, Aerial Video, Neighborhood, etc.).

Video Overview

For those to whom video is a distinguishing part of their business and who would like to feature video more prominently in a tour, there is an option to do just that. Invoking this option will result in a gorgeous scalable and responsive full browser, full motion Video Overview, with the Headline beautifully overlaid on the video. 

In the Media Upload popup, Video tab, choose Upload Video. Once the video has uploaded and is finished transcoding, check the box "Present video on tour Overview". The video will be presented muted and looped. Like in the Photo Overview where you should present 8 of the most flattering photos of the property, in the Video Overview you should only present select areas of the property here as well. Instead of having to produce a second short video, we've built a unique clip capture feature into the platform.

Here you can select multiple clips from the uploaded video, providing beginning and end times for each clip. The specified clips are then presented in the tour Video Overview with fade-to-black clip transitions. See sample here. Viewers can easily move on to view the Full Video by clicking on the Video Play icon or clicking on the video tab located on the top navigation bar, visible after the page is scrolled or the down arrow is clicked.

Faux Video: Create a unique stylish video slideshow from the stored photos for a property.  You do nothing but click the create button and the system will take up to the first 30 photos and weave them into the slideshow. Or you can manually select up to 50 photos of your choice by checking the video icon on each thumbnail.  Select a music track for your video to give it an appropriate mood. 

You can create a branded, unbranded or both videos at the same time. You are also entitled to two free regenerations of the video in case you choose to add, remove photos or alter the property information in any way. Note! Please make sure all the agent and property information are present and correct before generating the video.

360 Video is supported provided you use a browser that supports it. Currently (as of this writing) it's supported in Chrome and Firefox.

Interactive Media 

You can add floor plans and/or other Interactive media via embed-codes. This method will produce an additional tab on the tour navigation menu and show the floor plan inside the tour. You can add multiple videos. Adding one Interactive media will change the navigation button to whatever you name the embed code label. Leaving the label blank will default the navigation tab to Interactive. Adding multiple Interactive media will also revert the navigation button to Interactive. Each submenu item can have their own label name (Floor Plan, 3D Tour, VR Showcase,etc.).

You can have interactive media appear on tours; always, only on branded, only on unbranded tours.

You can enter a direct link (url) of an Interacive media for storage purposes, e.i make it available to your client. These will be accessible in the Media Access section of the back-office.

Non interactive Floor Plans can be added in the Documents section via a JPG image or PDF document upload, with a tile appearing below the Property Description area on the tour. You can label the document as you wish. These floor plans (documents) will open in a new browser window.


  • Cylindrical Panoramas: Variable width x 1500

  • Equirectangular/Spherical Panoramas: 5000 x 2500

In Media Access under the photos column you can access and download stored panoramas.


Documents can be added to a property site. 

You can add multiple documents and select which ones to display on the property site/tour. You could for instance have a pdf floor plan and show it on a tour and also a document related to the property that the agent just wants to store with the listing. Both will be available from Media Access but only the floor plan will be visible on the tour.

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