Introducing Content Delivery functionality

Media Only is activated at the service level by unchecking “Includes an interactive property website (tour)”. All services are marked with this function on as the default, when you create a new service. If you wish to use Media Only functionality you must uncheck this (off position). 

There is one item to consider if you offer Media Only services. Do you want to offer your clients an upgrade path, in other words, will you allow your clients to upgrade to a full Property Site /Tour?  

If one or more of your add-on services is designated as “Includes an Interactive Property Website” then your client is provided with an upgrade path through the Media Complete email notification or they can upgrade via the Actions Menu on the Properties page under “Upgrade to Property Site”. Similarly you can perform the upgrade for your client in the Actions Menu. 

One thing to keep in mind is to make sure when you add new add-on services to make sure these are not checked otherwise they will appear as an upgrade path when the your client want to upgrade.

To sell a Media Only service prompt your clients to select this service from the services selection/checkout page. (If you sell services with and without a property site it’s a good idea to clearly define and show the difference between the two.) Orders can be placed by you for the client or the client can place the order on their own.  

Once you add the photos to the order an “Activate” button will be shown over the photo thumbnail. Upon activation you’ll be charged a Media Only activation fee and an email will be sent to your client informing them that the media is available for download via a provided direct link.

A Media Only activated tour will be designated with a blue marker bar. 

You can also filter the tour list by displaying Media Only orders. 

Note. The client will not have access to the uploaded photos until the tour has been activated. Then the only item available from Media Access will be a tour “Preview” link.  

After Media Only activation all options in the Photos column will be available.

If you provided an upgrade path in add-on services the in the email content will reflect this with an option to preview the tour and upgrade to a Property Site. 

Should your client elect to order an upgrade they will be directed to their back-office services page, displaying only the Add-on services where “Includes an interactive property website (tour)” is checked off (on position). 

The upgrade process can be initiated by the client from the email notification or from the Orders page through the Actions Menu and the “Upgrade to property Site” selection. 

Once the upgrade process has been completed the tour will have to be re- activated and you’ll be charged the difference between your tour activation and Media Only activation cost. At this point the client will recive a full tour activation email with links to the tour. The marker bar will change to green and your order details will reflect the upgrade.


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