Credit can only be requested if you are using the VeewMe payment Gateway. If your client cancels or postpones a tour shoot appointment there is no need to request a refund, unless you are certain it will not be rescheduled. To request a refund for a tour order on which you collected the funds using the VeewMe Payment Gateway, go to your affiliate dashboard and from the top right of the screen click on the down-arrow and select "Billing". Find the transaction and click on the down-arrow on the right, next to Show Invoice. Select "Void Transaction" and the line-item will change color. Now click the Down Arrow again and you will have an option to Request Refund or Unvoid if you made a mistake or changed your mind. The transaction will be tagged with a "Refund Requested" label. Upon receiving the request VeewMe will research the validity of your request and if appropriate issue a refund directly to your client. All requests are investigated within 24 hours, however, refunds may take between two and six working days to process and complete. Note! - In order for us to issue a credit to your client we will need to have your (affiliate) credit card information. When you request a credit to be issued to the agent, VeewMe will issue the requested credit to the agent. However, since the credit will be coming from a VeewMe master account we need to be able to charge you, because you were already credited (you received the funds) for the sale when it occurred.

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