1.) Sign up as a VeewMe Service Provider (Affiliate)

Create your individual or company profile. No credit card needed, you only pay when publishing a tour. You can also signup for our Payment Gateway. With the Payment Gateway we will handle accepting payments on your behalf and transfer the funds to your designated bank account. Alternatively you can invoice a client and collect payments on your own.

2.) Add your services

Add as many primary and add-on services as you wish. Primary Service could be a tour package, something like "Property Video + 25 Still photos", an Add-on Service would be something related to the same tour. It can be added at the time of the original order like "Aerial Photography" or it can be added some time after the original order for a property was placed.  You can also create promotional codes to offer percentage or amount discounts on chosen services.

3.) Enter client(s)

Enter your real estate clients into the system or ask them to sign themselves up. Clients will be notified via a Welcome Email. Clients can sign themselves up from your Tour Gallery Showcase page. There is a Sign Up button directly linked to your account. We also recommend that you copy this link and incorporate it on your company website for easy client signup.

4.) Sell clients your services

You’re ready to take orders. Clients can log in and enter an order, or if you have all the relevant information you can enter the orders for your clients. After an order has been entered you will receive an order confirmation email as will your client. To Place an order for a client, on the Quick Actions bar top of the screen click "New Order" and go through the relevant order screens. You can enter just the primary property information and fill in the rest later or the agent can fill it in.

5.) Upload media

When you’ve photographed and/or filmed a property upload the media to the designated tour by clicking in the empty thumbnail container (+ Add Media). You can upload horizontal still photos. Video via url, embed code (YouTube, Vimeo), upload/transcode (additional fee applicable). Floor Plans via upload (pdf and jpg), url or embed code. Cylindrical or spherical panoramas. When uploading video, our platform will transcode your uploaded video into multiple device specific files for the best viewing experience. Your client and you will receive an email notification when ten or more photos have been uploaded to the tour. This is in case the photos are completed earlier, giving the agent an ability to download print or web size photos. When uploading a video you will receive a notification email upon the transcoding having been completed.

6.) Publish/Activate tour

When all capture has been completed and media uploaded, you’re ready to publish the tour to the internet. Note: Previewing the tour does not mean it is active. Do not supply your clients with a "Preview" link) it will not work. Clicking the Publish Tour button on the thumbnail image will "publish" the tour - make the tour available for viewing on the Internet. It will also send a tour completion email to your client with appropriate links to download the photos, Property Brochure and copy the branded and/or unbranded tour url's/addresses.

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