Credit can only be requested if you are using the VeewMe payment Gateway. To offer a partial refund go to your Tours page, find the tour and in the Actions Menu select Assess Admin Fee. In the Description (Custom) area write your description and in the Amount field enter a “negative” amount to refund (like -200.00). This negative amount is what will be refunded. If you track photographer pay you can select the photographer who’s pay is to be adjusted and enter a negative $ amount. If you don’t wish to send an email to the photographer “uncheck” the Send email, same for the agent.

The negative fee will appear in your dashboard under Admin Fees until we process the refund. "Do not settle or mark as paid on your dashboard."

Once filled out please send a screen capture of  the Admin Fees area showing your request  to All requests are investigated within 24 hours, however, refunds may take between two and seven working days to process and complete.

Note! - In order for us to issue a credit to your client we will need to have your (affiliate) credit card information. When you request a credit to be issued to the agent, VeewMe will issue the requested credit to the agent. However, since the credit will be coming from a VeewMe master account we need to be able to charge you, because you were already credited (you received the funds) for the sale when it occurred.

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