You have the ability to create custom banners for you to use and for your client to pick. Click on the Tour Banners tab on the left side of the Dashboard, then on the blue button on top "Create New”. Enter desired banner text, then click inside the banner Background Color Field, this will produce a color picker. Choose the color and then click anywhere outside the color picker to get rid of it and click Add Banner, you’ve created you own banner. When you go to the Tours tab on the Dashboard and pick a property, in the Actions (orange button) menu, one of the options is Set Tour Banner. Click on this and you’ll be presented with three options. My Banners, System Banners, No Banner. My Banners will be the banners you created. You have an ability to use the System Banners and/or use the ones you created. Note! If you enter too much text into the banner it will obstruct the view of photos in the Overview. Banner wording should be short and concise. Banners are not available in the Video Overview.

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