(As the default there is no company logo on a tour, only a written company name, the property price and property type appear on the top right corner of the tour. If a company prefers to display the company logo on all its tours on the top right of the tour then check off this box. Now the price and property type will be moved to the property description area about mid page of the tour.) Click “Add Company” to save all your input.

Now “Join” all agents to the company. - In Clients View find each client you’d like to assign to the company. On the right side of the page click the “down” arrow an select “Edit”, then under the Company” tab in Edit Profile - [Agent Name], in the “Assign to existing company” find the company name the agent should be assigned to, and Save the changes.

Once you have assigned all agents to a company you can now also assign an “Admin” to manage the tours/listings. The company admin will have full access to each agents tours. If the company admin is not an agent you’ll have to enter them into the system as an agent regardless. The assigned admin can update property information, details, send tour viewing stats to seller, etc. The Admin can also access tour media, download, rearrange, delete and name photos. Download property brochure, video file. Control syndication of the tour to appropriate channels, etc.

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