Media Access is a depository for all tour related media. It is accessible to agents and affiliates. Agents can access all their properties and affiliates can access all their orders. Agents can also access individual property media directly from tour completion emails.

Agent can now go to Media Access > Photos > Click Download on the selected property. If you selected Generate upon tour activation the photos should be ready for download. If you only enabled the functionality then the agent will need to “Request” the appropriate size of photos to be generated. On demand generation may take anywhere from 15 - 60 seconds, or longer depending on the resolution, file size and quantity of photos.

Note! Generated photos will delete after 30 days.

You can store the url’s for Interactive media such as floor plans and Matterport models by entering the information in Media Management. Clients can access these under Media Access. You can also in addition to downloading Faux Video copy the url of the video.

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