Export Faux Video (branded and/or unbranded) and/or Hosted Video. If each level has a Youtube account you can expose the same tour on each of the three level’s channels. Furthermore if one (or more) has multiple Youtube channels, you can submit the same video multiple times to each of the three levels. In the event you have multiple hosted videos you’ll be able to export each one to all the channels multiple times. A powerful and unique functionality.

What content is exported to Youtube? 

Address, city, state, zip

Agent name

Broker name

Office Phone

“Short” property description

Tour link


At affiliate level go to your account settings > Syndication tab. Click the “Add Syndication” button and select a Syndication option

Example: Youtube. Click the “Connect” button and you’ll be asked for your Google/Youtube account credentials. After you’ve connected successfully a Youtube syndication bar will appear under your Syndication tab.

This allows you to set further parameters for syndication. In the case of Youtube you can fully automate the process by checking which videos you want to automatically be exported to Youtube upon tour activation. Save your changes!

Note : You can set this up on a broker level for the broker as well as at the agent level for the agent or the agent can set it up themselves.

Syndicating one or multiple videos - If you’ve activated the automatic triggers then you’re all set and everything will happen automatically in the background. If your video(s) are still processing when activation occurs, the system will wait until processing has been completed and then export the videos. You can track progress and results under Syndication on the Actions menu.

If you want to manually syndicate this can be done from Syndication under the Actions menu. Click the Syndication option and you’ll see an option to syndicate one or multiple videos or “See details” for already syndicated videos.

Clicking syndication in the Actions menu will open a popup giving you the ability to manually export videos and/or check the export progress.

Under the Activity column are progress notifications. When a video has successfully exported you’ll be able to check it on Youtube via the “See video” link.

Finally all that remains is activation/publishing the tour.


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