If you are looking for a way to access VeewMe from a smartphone or tablet you can create a handy bookmark. Currently there is no VeewMe mobile APP. 

Don't get discouraged, the platform still works on all mobile devices, from your mobile web browser. The platform is tested frequently for its responsiveness and is a great alternative way to access your work on the go. 

People using iPhones may not be aware that you can add VeewMe to your Apps on the homepage from the Safari browser. It will resemble an application downloaded from the App store but it will function by just pulling up  VeewMe.com 

Adding VeewMe to your iOS Device:
Just open your iPhone and go to  Safari. 

Once you have Safari loaded, just type in VeewMe.com in your browser and click the bottom middle box with an arrow pointing straight-up. 

Now that you have clicked the bottom middle box (Share icon). You will need to click "Add to Home Screen" and then your webpage will be transformed into an App on your home screen. Just exit Safari  and you should see it next your most recently downloaded apps.

TIP - To make things even faster when using your VeewMe webpage app, you can make sure to use the save password function. 

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