You can upload any number of (JPG, max 25MB/photo, sRGB color profile) photos to a tour. Minimum upload size should be at least 1680 pixels in width. Anything less may result in a blurry or pixelated photo. The platform only accommodates landscape/horizontal photographs. The platform processes the uploaded photos and stores them in multiple sizes for the most efficient display and quality, depending on the device used to view them. Images are stored for client retrieval in two sizes. Print Size = the full uploaded size, Web Size = 1680 x 1050. Client can download photos by following the links from their photo and/or tour completion emails as well as from their Media Access panel in the VeewMe Client Dashboard. Note! In most cases there is no need to shoot and upload photos in your camera's highest image size. This will only result in long upload and download times for you and your clients. Best setting is Medium / Standard and Fine Quality setting. Information about photo sizes, resolutions, dpi, etc. Here

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