A great to thing to become aware about when getting started is you have access to branded images you can use outside of the MLS and unbranded photo tours that are MLS compliant.

You will receive multiple important links for every tour ordered. Most MLS providers do not allow agent or company branding within the individual tours that are uploaded to the MLS. Therefore, we provide more versions of the same tour, and one with branding and one without.

Branded Virtual Tour Link

This link is the branded version of your tour, complete with your agent and brokerage info.  We provide your agent photo, email, website, phone number, and your brokerage information.  We recommend using this link when advertising your listing through social media and public domains.

Unbranded Virtual Tour Link

This link directs to an unbranded version of your virtual tour that does not display your agent or brokerage information.  This is best suited for the MLS website, where no personal or company branding is allowed. 

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