One of the most important things to become familiar with when getting started is how you will be able to collect your money. I have explained the most efficient ways of doing so below:

1.) Apply for and activate a payment gateway through our platform. There is a short form/application process and in most cases you'll be up and running within minutes. Your clients will be able to purchase services from you and pay for them online with major credit cards. Funds are deposited into your designated account within 48 hours (AmEx 96 hours). Cost is 4% of each transaction. Note! If you are using a different payment collection service, let our system handle your transactions. It's safe, secure and quick. You. can make placing orders quick and easy for your clients and tracking purchases starts to become worry free and easy.

2.) Collect funds from your clients any way you wish. Our system creates an invoice for your client and sends them an email confirming the order. Collection of funds is up to you. You can ask a client to send you a check, or if you have a merchant account with a credit card processor you can process the payment that way. However, if you use our Payment Gateway option it's all done for you and automated.

When using our payment gateway if you would like to omit certain transactions from using the Payment Gateway, you can go to your Account settings and Edit your profile. Under Settings "uncheck" Use payment system? Don't forget to switch it back when you want to collect funds from your clients again! This could be used for "Bill To" accounts.

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